Thursday, November 7, 2013

Group-Office: online collaboration and CRM

Group-Office is an open source groupware and CRM system. There are many groupware and CRM systems on the market these days. But what makes Group-Office stand out in the crowd?

Complete solution
Group-Office is a complete solution with a lot of modules such as CRM, Project management, Time tracking and common groupware applications such as calendaring and email. You have all your office applications centralized in a user friendly interface. No hassle of having duplicate data in various applications with different logins.

Data structure and Links
Group-Office does a great job at keeping large amounts of data organized. All content is indexed so it can be found quickly. You'll have access to all relevant project or customer data within seconds. With the links system all relevant data is connected to eachother. Incoming e-mails are quickly linked to a customer or project. Tasks and appointments are kept in your calendar but are linked to your customer as well. When you get to the point of making a quote for your customer the billing module quickly generates these documents from the catalog or with custom entries. Quotes are turned into orders or invoices easily.

Customer support
The main focus of Group-Office is at servicing your customers in any kind of way. Customer support is handled through the ticket system that keeps support calls organized and gives a clear overview if support calls are handled well by the support officers.

Document management
Documents can be edited straight from the browser and with the locking mechanism collaboration is easy. The files can also be mounted as a network drive from your desktop computer. With the send file as download link feature there's no need for insecure web services anymore to get that large file to your customer by e-mail.

Cross platform and mobile
The calendar data, contacts and files can also be synchronized with other clients for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and almost any mobile device.

Customizable and secure
All these features are wrapped in a modern easy to use interface that has just been completely renewed. Because of it's open source code base it's possible to modify and extend Group-Office to suit your needs. Deploy it to your own server so you know that your private data is secure.

Intermesh tries to deliver the best collaboration platform with Group-Office!